Sunrise : 06:01 AM    Sunset : 08:26 PM
Sunrise : 06:01 AM    Sunset : 08:26 PM

Imam’s Profile

Name: Ibraheem Muhsin


Kunyah (nickname): Abu Ismaeel

Born: California

Lived in : Bakersfield CA ,Watsonville CA, Fairfax VA.

Education : High School Diploma. 1yr at IIASA. Memorized Quran in Yemen. Spent 7 years in Yemen seeking knowledge. Completed 1 year at the Islamic University in Madina Munawarah.

Years in Dawah: 15

Marital Status: Married

Children: 3 Girls

Extra-Curricular Activities: Play Basketball, Football, Swimming.

Name: Imam Abdellah


2001- Islamic Society of Monterey Arabic and Islamic Studies Instructor (Taught Individuals and groups at all proficiency levels)
1997-2001: California School, Morocco Arabic and Islamic Studies Instructor (Taught individuals and group at all proficiency levels)


1996-1997 AL Qurawiyeen University, Morocco Diploma of Advance Studies (MA)
1991-1995 Hassan II University, Morocco License in Islamic Studies (BA)
1988-1991 Jamal Dine High School, Morocco High 1997-2000 Hassan II University, Morocco Post Graduate Diploma in Advance Studies (PHD)School Diploma in Experimental Sciences


Authication of “Explanation of Moqdima” by Aby Yahya Zakariya.
The concept of knowledge in the Qu’ran base on “under the shade of Qu’ran” by Sayed Qateb
Ibn Attiya Al Andalusia and his framework for the Islamic Creed