Quran Memorization Contest & Prophet Presentations

Asalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,

This email covers the Quran Memorization Contest, and the Prophets Presentation Contest.
Please read fully. All details are provided below.

Quran Memorization - Who Can Participate:
The contest is open to anyone in 4th Grade or older, including adults. There are three groups divided by age. Each group is asigned a different Sura to memorize. They are:

1. 4th to 8th grade - Al-Fajr (Sura No. 89)
2. 9th to 12 grade - Attaghabun (Sura No. 64)
3. Adult (18 y.o. & older) - Al-Fath (Sura No. 48)

Quran Memorization Sign-up:
All participants are required to sign up here. Sign-up is required to qualify for a prize, and is required to later book a time for testing.

If a family has more than one participant, simply fill then submit the form for first member, then go back to the sign-up link above, and fill the form again for the next member, and so on.

Important Dates:
All contestants will be tested between Dec 28th and Dec 29th. We will provide a link at a later time that contestants to book their test time. Tentatively, boys/males will be tested with the Imam, and girls/females will be tested with a sister.

The winner in each group will get a prize From ISMC. Do your best and win this contest. Those who do not win a prize from ISMC, will have won a prize with Allah, as they will have memorized the word of Allah. Allah will give them a present that is better than anything in our world.

Prophet Presentation For Children:
Children between the ages of Kindergarten and 3rd Grade have a special educational contest. The contest is to create a poster about a prophet of their choice. The parents can work with their child to motivate them to learn and to contribute to the poster. All participants will win a prize from ISMC.

We ask the parents to sign-up their qualifying children here. If you have multiple children that you'd like to sign up, simply fill the form once for each child.

If you have any questions, please email us here: info@ismcca.org

We will hold a ceremony for both Quran Memorization and Prophet Presentation contests on Saturday January 11th. We will send further details beforehand as the plan gets finalized.

ISMC Calendar:
As always, you can stay up to date with ISMC calendar here. You can book this link or add it to your calendar

ISMC Whatsapp Group:
From your mobile phone, click on this link to add yourself to the group.