Our mosque is a California Corporation 501c(3) non profit organization  governed by Bylaws. The information on this page comes from the Bylaws of the corporation.

Membership provides the applicant with eligibility to:

  • Vote in the General Elections.
  • Accept nomination to the Board of Directors.

How to get the forms:

request a copy at the mosque.

Instructions for filling the forms:

Membership is valid for one Hijri year. Renewal is required every year.

  • please use permanent-ink pen (no pencil)
  • Please leave the fields in the grey box empty – they are for ISMC management usage only.
  • If applying for family membership, please do the following
    • Head of household: please fill the first section (above the grey box.) Then fill one section for each additional family member (Family Member No. 1, No. 2, etc) as needed
      • Each additional member must sign their section
    • Individual member: please file the first section only (above the grey box)

Submitting the forms:

  • to verify the identity of the applicant, we need any of: a state-issued ID card (such as driver’s license), a passport, or a military ID.
  • to verify residency in Monterey county, we need any of: a state-issued ID card with a Monterey County address, a utilities bill showing a Monterey County address, or a mail document addressed to the applicant’s name corresponding to the address information filled in the application.
  • Additional members applicants: please submit your form along with head of household’s form.

Electoral & Voting Eligibility:

What is electoral eligibility: the qualification to be elected as a director of this corporation.

What is voting eligibility: the qualification to vote on the election of Board of Directors.

In order for a member to be eligible as an electoral candidate or to vote, all the following conditions must be met:

  • member must be 18 years of age or older.
  • member must have been a resident of Monterey County for one full year prior to the election date.
  • member must have applied for membership, and his membership has been accepted one full year prior to the election date.

1441 Hijri Elections:

  • Membership for the purposes of electoral & voting eligibility closes on Friday September 9th 2019. Membership acceptance will re-open after the elections
  • Nomination committee will be elected on Friday September 13th 2019 after Juma prayer. The nomination committee will run the elections process.